Copier Maintenance Tips


At work, copiers are the workhorses. Although the stand alone, high volume copiers traverses the desktop variety their lifespans depend largely on model, make, and workload. To have the most of your copier listed here are some tips to increase its copier maintenance austin business

1.    Location

Ensure that you keep the copier away from areas that witness drastic temperature variations including windows, doors, ac units, and heaters. It's also wise to avoid keeping it in areas with good traffic in the office. Constant foot traffic tends to build up dust that is certainly sucked up in the machine and may affect its performance drastically.

2.    Replacing Ink & Toner Immediately

Although copies still look great, you still need to change the ink and toner as soon as the light comes on. If you do not, the developer will start wearing out faster and may destroy the drum. Result in the change as soon as you start to see the light.

3.    Choice Of paper

Almost all of the important if you are in the dusty/humid environment. Choice of paper can stop your copier from working optimally. Therefore, just be sure you store your paper until when you require it. In doing this, you'll be preventing moisture from settling within the machine. atg does copier maintenance in Austin TX

4.    Immediate Fixing Of Jams

Jammed paper can really test your patience but always make certain you fix them at once. If you leave the jam there overnight and a prolonged period, you risk causing the accumulation of moisture and dust and consequently the copier’s performance. Once you eventually remove the paper, ensure that you have a can of compressed air accessible. This way, you can blow out little bits and particles and make sure that they are never stuck inside.

5.    Monday Morning Stretches

It's great to go through a fast, easy Monday maintenance program considering that it is after a weekend the place that the copier has not been available. The first thing is to switch the old paper inside the tray with fresh paper. Do not worry about the old paper since always reuse it in the laser printer. After doing this, give a quick look to ensure there are no paper jams. This exercise takes at most of the 5 minutes and can save you a lot of money in the end.

6.    Always Leave The Lid Down

Opening the copier’s lid is detrimental news since it reduces the life of the drum significantly, that may be expensive to replace. This can be even without mentioning the indegent quality of copies, damage the light can do to people’s eyes, etc. Maintaining your lid down also means that no foreign objects enter the machine or scratch the glass.

7.    Other Good sense Copier Maintenance Rules

You obviously wouldn't like to drink or eat beside the copier. Ensure that you continue with the preventative maintenance schedule so you only use the proper supplies.


Copier maintenance is a simple thing to do if you follow the tips discussed in this article. If you follow these tips, you'll prolong the life of one's copier and you will save big money by avoiding major problems.